What Can You Expect?

The journey to health is as unique as each client and when using nutritional therapy as a tool, it takes time, lifestyle changes, dedication and patience. Throughout our time together, you are the driver and I am the GPS. You are in full control and I offer different avenues we can take to get to your desired destination. I view your case from a bird’s eye view and attempt to pull in emotional, historical, and physical elements while zooming in to more acute symptom management.

Setting Goals

Your first appointment is an evaluation but you will leave with introductory goals. Based on the needs of your case, we will make follow up appointments. Within each of these appointments, we will review symptoms, follow up on goals, and adjust and/or create more goals, as needed. You will receive goals via email within one week of your appointment. The total amount of appointments required is unique to each case. Our time working together is often layered and can move in different directions. We will use your symptoms and at times, test results, to guide us.

Addressing Symptoms

Sometimes, clients may have healing reactions that appear like the symptoms they were trying to get rid of and/or new symptoms can appear. This can be normal reaction to protocols but must be monitored and communicated so we can determine the proper course of action. During our time together, I may suggest and/or offer other modalities or exercises (i.e. self-care, brain training, therapy, biofeedback, acupuncture, stress management, physical therapy, deep breathing techniques, spiritual practices, etc.) that compliment and push your success further. My goal is to help treat and support the whole you in order for you to succeed and thrive. I am as committed to your case as you are. I do not have all of the answers but I can commit to full-heartedly exploring all options within my means of practice and expertise.

What Do I Expect of You?

You have chosen to carve out time, energy, and money towards your health. Well done! Because of that, I will hold high expectations for those who have chosen to do this work. To the best of your ability, please commit to the following:

• Communicate your needs, learning style, and expectations. Let me know if the information is overwhelming you or if you are not comfortable with your goals.

Communicate your symptoms and provide updates. I ask that you reach out to me every week to check in and give me an update on how you are doing.

Embrace the goals we have agreed upon at each appointment and give it your greatest effort. If you are struggling with a goal, reach out so we can talk about it.

Be open to further education materials, handouts, documentaries, books, websites, etc. that I recommend. My goal is to teach you the tools so that you will one day not need my services.

Understand the limitations of nutritional therapy and that there is a chance that it will not help in achieving all of your goals. I cannot commit to helping you solve all of your health issues but I will do my best to explore and investigate your concerns.

Be open-minded towards new concepts and theories. Please be willing to learn about and explore other modalities that may pair well with nutritional therapy.


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